PaleRider's UberUrbie Brigade
Alpha Division - Waddling Cans of Doom

'Mechs of the PUB

Division Command:
Division CO: Major WolfCross
Division XO: Major Timberwolf

Division Command Lance: "Hack Lance"
Major WolfCross - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie LAM
Lieutenant verybad - UM-R60 Urbanmech
Mechwarrior Momaw - UM-R60 Urbanmech
Mechwarrior Mumbles - UM-R63 Urbanmech

Anti-Elemental Lance: (Stop, Drop, and Roll)
Major Loki - UM-Q-R99 UrbanQuad
Mechwarrior Justin - UM-R59 UrbieLite
Mechwarrior Pyro - UM-R59 UrbieLite
Mechwarrior Pointman - UM-R59 UrbieLite
Mechwarrior LouHobbs - UM-R59 UrbieLite

Beta Lance: (Denise's Urban Mechanized Distributors of Unrestrained Mayhem)
a.k.a. DUMDUMs
Major Denise - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie RAC of LAM
Mechwarrior Zero Knight - UM-R60 Urbanmech
Mechwarrior Amorpheus - UM-R60 Urbanmech
Mechwarrior Finks Hopper - UM-R60 Urbanmech

WARNING: Fanboy Unfriendly -
Stay at least 5 meters from the Denise at all times.
The Denise does NOT want to date you.
Do NOT try to touch the Denise.

Injuries resulting from such conduct is covered in the
stupidity clause of your contract (Sec 7A, Paragraph 2)
and as such, you will be accountable for all expenses
incurred from your Denise inflicted injuries.

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