PaleRider's UberUrbie Brigade
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Brigade Home

Brigade Command:
Brigade CO: Colonel PaleRider
Brigade XO: Lt. Colonel Crowfoot
Brigade Recruitment/Administration: Shrike
Brigade Recruitment/Chief Engineer: Perrin (Missing - Presumed Fed)
Brigade Recruitment: Akula
Loremaster: Major Dave
Brigade Motto: "There's gotta be a better way to make a living."

Brigade Command Lance:
Colonel PaleRider - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie LAM
Lt. Colonel Crowfoot - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie LAM
Major Bangy - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie LAM
Major Vereth - UM-Q-R99-LAM UberUrbie LAM

Urbie Quad Alpha Division - Waddling Cans of Doom:
Unit CO: Major WolfCross

UrbanMech Bravo Division - Bravo's Beer Cans:
Unit CO: Major Bravo6

UrbanMech IIC Charlie Division - Clan Screaming Ewok:
Unit CO: Star Captain EWRaven (Stormhawk)

DUPE 2 Delta Division - Somebody's Gotta' Do It:
Unit CO: Major Billybones

Urbie Launcher Artillery Division - Dave's Urbie Dispensers:
Unit CO: Major Dave
PUB Artillery Division, home of the Urbie Launcher.

Special Ops Special Ops:
Unit CO: Mitch

Urbie Dropship Brigade Transport - Urbies on Tap:
Unit CO: Captain Methuselah
Home of the Urbie Dropship and the PUB Jumpship

Urbies 'Mechs of the PUB:
All 'Mechs currently in use by PaleRider's UberUrbie Brigade.

UrbieLite PUB Lore:
Urban Legends - Flight of the Quad LAM by Dave Wainio
Urban Legends 2 - The Trojan LAM Affair by Dave Wainio
And more to come...

Urbiemental PUB Links:
DSC Armory
And more to come...

PaleRider's UberUrbie Brigade is a registered trademark of Perrin42.
The name "UberUrbie" is credited to Stormhawk.

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