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Update (1-16-2003)
Version .21 of HMPOmni is now available for download. It incorporates a number of changes, including:
-Heat sink and actuator information is now displayed along with the variants.
-A warning is now provided if you decide to overwrite an existing file.
-Canceling file selection actually works.
-Miscellaneous minor fixes.

Simply download the new version and replace the old one, it's that simple. And let me know what you think of it in the DSCA/TRO Forum.

New! (1-13-2003)
HMPOmni is a program that will allow you to combine multiple HTML or text output files from HeavyMetal Pro into a single file, making OmniMechs much easier to display on web pages or message boards. It's a program that I wrote primarily to assist me in running this site, but I'm hoping it may be useful for other people that use HeavyMetal Pro.

Suggested use:
Create your OmniMech and variants in HeavyMetal Pro - this works best if you create separate files for the base chassis and primary variant. Output all files to text or HTML, then use this program to merge the multiple files into a single file for display purposes. If you have more than seven variants, simply run the program a second time, using the previously generated file as the base. Some manual editing will be required, particularly of the variant identifiers.

-This program hasn't been tested on other formats, such as HMVee or HMAero. It may not work on their output files.
-This program does no checking of design validity - it's a helpful tool for display, not a rules checking device. If you'd like to combine a Daishi and an Owens it wouldn't blink an eye.
-The DSC TRO is in no way affiliated with RCW Enterprises, HeavyMetal Pro, or WizKids. HeavyMetal Plus, HeavyMetal Pro, HeavyMetal Vee and HeavyMetal Lite were developed by Rick Raisley of RCW Enterprises, and is Copyrighted by WizKids, LLC, � 2002.

DSC Vehicle Editor
DSC Vehicle Editor Full v1.1 DSC Vehicle Editor Update v1.1

Fixes in 1.1:
- Fixed a mistake in the cost calculations that were based on engine tonnage when they should have been based on total tonnage.
- Fixed an HTML formatting bug that was causing the payload list to display incorrectly on some Netscape browsers.

The links for the update and for the full install can be found above.

IS Vehicle Editor V. 1.1.00

Originally distributed at DropShipCommand, one of the best sources for BattleTech, MechCommander, and MechWarrior information on the internet. Please stop by and check out our forums and other resources.

While changing the values for armor, tonnage, etc., hitting the Page Up/Page Down keys will jump the values by either 5 or 10 depending on the value being changed.


This program was written for 2 reasons - to help me design a particular web site I am working on, and to practice my Visual Basic skills. It is limited to Level 2 Inner Sphere vehicles ONLY. This will not be changed. If you would like to go further with your designs, then I would suggest the official FASA vehicle designer Heavy Metal Vee. Please see http://www.heavymetalpro.com for information about that software.

Again, please do not e-mail me requesting updates to include Level 3 or Clan technology, as it will not be added. Purchase HMVee or do it by hand.

Bug reporting:
Please send bug reports to me at .

This program has not been extensively tested on a variety of machines, so I cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly on yours. Installation and use of this program is at your own risk.

This program is distributed as freeware. BattleTech, BattleMech, and 'Mech are all Trademarks of FASA. This program is copyright Brian Brooks, 2001.

Special Thanks:
Billybones, Akula, Shrike, Snow Cheetah, Dave, Timberwolf, Phoenix-D - Testers
Shrike - Help with the vehicle design rules.
WolfCross - Programming hints