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I have made the decision to make the BattleTech: Industries web pages conveniently available for offline viewing and editing. All neccessary HTML and image files are packaged in a single zip file titled "BTInd_3065_A.ZIP". Download the file below and unzip it to the directory of your choosing, but be sure to enable the "Use folder names" option, so as to maintain the correct directory structure. From within your web browser, open the index page, titled "BattTech.HTML" to begin navigating the BattleTech: Industries web pages.

Download Download BTInd_3065_A.ZIP

For those of you who have an interest in these pages, please download this file soon. I do not know how long these pages will be available at this web address, or even how long I will be interested in further maintaining them. I do, however, wish this resource to be preserved for those who continue to game in the Classic BattleTech universe. Who knows, perhaps in 10 years or so they may still be found in something akin to the ancient Star League... ahem... I mean found in something akin to the old Berkeley BattleTech FTP site.

Gary G.
Crouton Command Supreme Allied Commander